The Enlightenment Senses? conference is being organised by KCL History PhD students William Tullett, Marlee Newman and Alice Marples in association with the newly-created Centre for Enlightenment Studies at King’s (CESK).

The senses are a newly-emerging area of interdisciplinary humanities study. The potential impact of such research is something which needs to be discussed, and so this conference seeks to be an important element in bringing the ‘sensory’ turn into wider academic debate and creating scholarly connections.

We hope to encourage papers from the range of disciplinary backgrounds represented by the centre such as art history, musicology, history, literature, anthropology, sociology and philosophy. We hope, also, to draw attendees from all levels of research, reflecting a central tenant of CESK, which has the interdisciplinary Eighteenth Century Studies MA at King’s at its foundation.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers: enlightenmentsenses@kcl.ac.uk

You can also follow the organisers on twitter: @WillTullett, @marlee_newman and @alicemarples.


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